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Happy Birthday, Blessing!

amywink October 6th, 2010

This past weekend, we celebrated Blessing’s third birthday. She’s growing into herself and is becoming quite the elegant young lady. img_7762.jpg

We celebrated with carrots, but like cookies, Blessing hasn’t yet learned that carrots are tasty! All the other horses were HAPPY to celebrate her birthday by eating her carrots!

I am terribly behind on writing here because I had a rather sad September. My cat of 12 years was diagnosed with cancer at the end of August and I had to let him go on the first of October. Fox was a fantastic cat. He’d arrived in my life at during a terrible time and had always been a cheerful presence. Out of the 2 litters of kittens (9) born on my porch in East Texas (and their mothers who I spayed), he alone could not find a home since he was a black cat. So he became my good luck black cat and I enjoyed him every day he was with me.


I am very grateful the veterinarians and staff at the Emergency Animal Hospital, specifically Dr. Rae and Dr. Rhyne, and Dr. Balch and the staff of the Central Texas Specialty Vet Hospital , all of whom worked to make Fox as comfortable as possible during his last days.

Because of Fox, I took my grief to the Town Lake Animal Shelter and choose two of the almost 200 cats and kittens currently in need of homes.

I came home with Henry:


And Phoebe:


Both kittens are now helping me cope with loss as only lively kittens can.