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Sunday Drive

amywink September 4th, 2010

Our last Sunday drive in August started early but very cool! Finally, a break in the summer heat and our temperature was at 69 for the start. It was a good day for photography too and I manage to get several shots I’d had in my head for a long time.

Like this one:

Throughout our early morning drives, I have been watching our shadows, thinking of this photograph, so I was extremely pleased to get this shot. Since we’ve had some time off, Will’s approached our drives more positively, looking more like he’s having a good time. We’ve enjoyed some new trails as well and he’s enjoying those too. Though the hills are making him work harder, we’re rewarded by the views ahead. This shot has also been in my head for a while:


We’re conditioning for the Plum Creek Swap Drive in October, a goal I’ve had for the year. He’s looking very good, though prefers a very pokey walk by the end of our drives.

Blessing is beginning to get some lessons too! My goal for her this coming year is the HOTMHC Fun Show in April. Hopefully, we will be able to show her in hand before she heads off to driving training. She got her first lesson in standing last weekend–from Lisa–and we finally got one good stand out of her–though she was really not sure it was worth the trouble.


This weekend will mark the third month with us and she’s settled in quite nicely, adding a cheerful presence to our herd. She’s quite the happy horse and compliments her brother’s more complex personality very well. I think she rolls her eyes at him quite often.