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amywink August 1st, 2010

Heavy fog descended as I entered Caldwell County this morning. We were expecting a high of 102 so a little morning cloud cover would be nice but this made the buffalo disappear!


As I groomed Will, the moisture settled on his lashes, ears and forelock. When I wiped it off, it was back in a few minutes.img_7178.jpgimg_7181.jpg

Still, it did keep things nice and cool. We had a wonderful drive. After a break from driving for 2 weeks, our drive yesterday was sort of bumpy, but today we had worked out the kinks.

After our long drive, I took Will into the dressage arena and Blessing watched with great interest. She’d already been fascinated by Lisa and Popeye riding by, now she wanted to chat:


But he told her he was working! img_7185.jpg

Later on (after the sun came out), I brought her out for some grooming and she got to meet the carriage again.


She’s cautious but curious. She never runs away when we’re driving, sometimes follows along to see where we’re going. All good for her future as a driving mare.