Where does the summer go?

amywink July 29th, 2010

It seems so suddenly to be the end of July! The heat and the rain (?!?) have kept us from driving as much but it is nice to see green in July. Last year, everything was scorched in the drought but this year we still have flowers blooming in the pastures and grass too.

As usual, I have gotten less done than I always plan to do, but I have decided to get off my case be okay with that. Last weekend, I enjoyed a trip to the Houston Dog Show where I was lucky enough to have my one personal Meet the Breed meeting with one of the Irish Terriers showing on Saturday. She was a very good spokes-dog for her breed and when I’m ready, I’ll be looking for an Irish Terrier.

Will and Blessing continue to develop their relationship. They are often close in the pasture, but not always.


I wouldn’t have thought he’d allow her to be this close to his grass when their relationship began, but clearly she is persuasive and having only her as a companion has made him rethink his position.

He remains in charge, particularly if it looks like I’m giving someone a cookie. She always comes over to visit when I arrive. She does respect him, but not so much that she doesn’t bug him by not granting him too much deference.


They’ve come a long way in 8 weeks and it’s been good for him. He’s calmer, less anxious, since he’s had to be the leader, but also happy to have a companion. She seems happy to have him around as well. Whew.


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