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amywink July 6th, 2010


I was renewing my membership to Heart of Texas Morgan club this week and naturally, they asked for my “farm name”. I don’t really have a farm, but I have 2 horses. And I do have a “farm” address. Since Lisa has 2 bays, it’s easy to distinguish which two are mine: the red ones.

I spent Monday evening watching the pair in the sunset. They are developing a good, calm relationship. Blessing backs off when Will looks grumpy, but she doesn’t move very far off and he doesn’t chase her very far so she can move right back in close. Mostly, they graze close together and Will seems happy with his pasture mate, though he gets a little worried when it looks like she might be getting a treat.


This morning, I pulled out my new toy, a Mouse detail sander, and got to work on the cart wheels that have been sitting in the garage for, oh, two years. I got one completely sanded and am totally sold on the little sander! I’ll get to the second wheel later this week then start the staining and varnishing.

I finished painting all the bolts (lots and lots and lots of bolts). Now I have to decide whether to paint the nuts before I put the cart together or after. Given the chance of banging the paint up in the assembly process, I’m leaning toward painting after assembly. It might be tedious but I have to paint the bolt ends anyway.

I still need to order new springs and spring blocks later this summer but those will be the last parts I need. I’m hoping to finish getting this cart together by Spring 2011, so we can use it at the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Fun Show in April. We’ll see if I can get there–and we’ll have to see if Will likes it!! If not, Blessing will be getting a very nice cart for driving single!