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Two steps forward, one step back

amywink June 18th, 2010

The horses scared me this morning. When I arrived, I couldn’t see Blessing anywhere. Will was standing in the corner, looking as if he was watching something off in the next pasture and I couldn’t see Blessing.

Oh no….

Then, I saw Blessing…..a mound on the ground in the corner.


Then, as I am getting in the gate as fast as I can, she raises her head and looks over. Will looks over. Two blazes in the shade.


And I started breathing again. Whew.

And she stood up. Double Whew.


And really, it’s a good sign of a growing bond, Will watching over his herd partner while she sleeps.

Except, of course, later, when he thought I was giving Blessing too much attention, and maybe a treat:


Where’s the love, Brother?

Blessing took it in stride and just moved off from Mr. Crabbypants, and went to visit the dogs.


Slow and steady….