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Getting the Hang of Things

amywink June 17th, 2010

My plan continues apace and both horses are getting the hang of things. Today Blessing knew how things were supposed to go, including grazing along the fence with Will.


I do this as we walk to the standing tree and start out grooming sessions. After Will gets all spiffy (and relaxed), it’s Blessing’s turn and today she knew it, trotting over to the gate when I came with her halter. She had watched as I groomed Will and I told her that Will could pick up all of his feet–and darn it, if she didn’t do better today picking up her feet! Maybe there’s something to this sibling rivalry! :)

She has learned to stand stead at the tree very well too, though she’s not quite as good as her brother:


After our grooming, she goes back in her pasture, and I walk Will back down to his pasture make sure he’s had enough attention before playing with Blessing. He’s stayed closer today too, with no over-the-fence antics.


Blessing seems to be enjoying our time together quite a bit, especially the camera:img_6213.jpgimg_6216.jpg

Today, I also work a nice floppy hat and she really liked nibbling the rim–no photos of that because she was just too close. But at least she wasn’t scared by it, just curious. She is enjoying out time in the pasture together and she does follow me around, particularly if I move off to see Will. But she’s independent enough to comfortably walk away and graze–until I do something interesting!img_6217.jpg

Spending time with her, I remember my time with Will when we were bonding, almost 6 years ago. She’s much calmer, but equally curious. Her brother is an emotional horse (as his recent temper tantrums illustrate) and so far, I’m waiting to see whether that’s true of her as well. So far, she’s steady and curious and happy.


And relaxing in her new home.