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Will First

amywink June 11th, 2010

After our Monday evening drive, rain kept us in most of Wednesday, though after the storms passed, I went out in the evening to check on Blessing and visit Will. We walked up and down the drive and checked out the chickens and she bravely investigated the big tub next to the stable, ready to break away at any suspicious movement but continuing to move ahead in her investigations.


She had, in her time out during the week, managed to find every clover burr in the pasture and I spent time brushing as much out of her mane as I could. The tail will wait for another day:


She was a remarkably good girl for brushing, standing steady and still the entire time, enjoying the brushing quite a bit. She enjoys having her neck scratched and her face, which her brother does not care for at all.

However, Will watched me groom her and I have never seem a horse look quite so perplexed and forlorn. So after I finished with Blessing (and deciding to always work with Will first in the future), I got Will put and cleaned off the crusted mud he’d collected during the day. Normally, I’d not spend so much time cleaning mud off of him just to put him back up in a muddy pasture, but he looked so sad, I had too. And he enjoyed the attention and treats I showered him with, so much so that as I left, he followed my car along the fence line, checking to see if I was really going and did I have just one more treat for him? Puh-leeeze???


Eventually, he did decide I didn’t have any treats and I’d given out all the smooches I was going to, and he wandered back into the grass. So, until everyone gets adjusted, it’s Will first because, well, that face…..yeesh.