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Evening Drive

amywink June 8th, 2010


Thunderstorms cooled the blazing heat last night as we took our first ever evening drive. We’re trying to drive more this summer but we’ve discovered that driving alone is pretty dull. So Lisa and I made a plan to drive in the evenings, since the light is with us until almost 8:45.

Though it was certainly a warm evening–what summer evening would not be warm in Texas?– there was a refreshing breeze that helped keep things tolerable. Will was Not Exactly Sure this was such a great plan but he stepped up and drove well, with some encouragement. We watched the light catch the cloud tops as the sun dropped to the west, creating long shadows of our turnout.


When we drove into the front pasture, the setting sun streamed through the trees, making the native grasses glow pale gold. In that same late evening light, Will turned the red-gold color of a dying fire.

At the end of our drive, we spent some time watching the clouds before unhitching and getting everyone ready for bed.


Blessing watched us all evening from her stall. She did well on her 3rd day in the pasture, but she had done some investigating and scraped her face a bit on something and seems to have irritated some stinging insect in her investigations as well. But she is doing very well, eating fine and drinking plenty, getting adjusted to the new schedule and her new home. Will made sure to bid her good night as we passed her stall on the way to the pasture.