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amywink June 7th, 2010

For those trying to figure out who is who:

Will, left, Blessing, right


Blessing also has a sock *and* a stocking. :)

It has also been noted that they bear a striking resemblance to Ron and Ginny Weezly.

And Then There Were Two. . .

amywink June 7th, 2010

It has been a while since I posted but the close of the spring semester was crazy-hectic and in the break after, I took a respite from writing as I approached the summer. We had our share of sadness too. After a long illness, Miss B died, leaving us with a herd of 3 and missing her pony presence.

We have eased into a driving pattern slowly and are back to driving more regularly and now working on entering our summer driving time though the heat and humidity have necessitated early morning or late evening drives. Will is relaxed and after all our work this year, I can hitch and unhitch by myself as he stands like a rock–a sleeping rock–for hitching.

Our summer has also included the arrival of Will’s future partner in a pair, and his half-sister, Frisco Creek Blessing.


After long consideration and planning with Ellen Foster Dalton, Blessing joined us this Saturday, after a long trip from Mississippi on Equine Express (Thank you, Bob, for taking her to meet her ride at 2:30 in the morning!), who reported she did extremely well. Here she with the welcoming committee, which she took completely in stride:


The horses were thrilled to see her as well and greeted her very enthusiasticallyimg_5962.jpg

Will was especially excited and seemed to recognize the family resemblanceimg_5960.jpg

Right now, he seems totally enamored of his kid sister, which I hope will continue. He’s been missing a companion in the pasture since Miss B left us, though he has worked out a warm relationship with Popeye and Windy. We introduced Blessing to Popeye, our herd’s gentle leader on Sunday morning so she will be under his protection. She seems exceptionally small here in comparison to Popeye’s hefty presence:


Will spent his time walking the fence line with her, allowing us to finally compare them side by side:img_6005.jpg

She also did extremely well with the carriages as we drove in the morning. I made sure to drive by several times and she simple munched her grass and come to the fence to check things out as we circled by. She seemed completely unperturbed by the the rattling marathon carriages, checking us out when we stopped for the day.


This all bodes very well for her future as a driving horse and her calm demeanor is clear in the little time she’s been with us.

It also seems clear that she and Will are on the path to a lovely relationship:


We’ve a long way to go to a driving pair, but the beginning has been smooth. Stay tuned.