Ides of March

amywink March 15th, 2010

As I write this, I am waiting to hear about Miss B, who had to spend the night at the vet’s after she began to colic. Will and Popeye watched, worried, while Lisa walked the pony around the dressage ring.


Will was quite upset about his buddy not being in the pasture after we finished our drive and showed it:



While he calmed down once Popeye came back to the pasture, it’s clear he’s very attached to his pony, who the vet thinks may be 19 or 20 years old.

We did have a very good drive yesterday and the weather was gorgeous. Driving my red horse between the green grass and blue sky on only our 4th drive of the year was the perfect way to spend the first Sunday of my Spring Break. Both a cure for the current madness of the world and a balm for grief.


And after our “exciting” drive on Saturday, Will settled down into his work on Sunday like a professional and my hands were more responsive and soft. We are making our way back to being the good team we were in November. We picked out our pace a bit, averaging 7.3 kmh with a max speed of 15.5 kmh, and we traveled about half a km more during our drive (according to our new nerd-o-meter gadget!). We drove up to the front pasture and through the blooming agarita bushes, which scented the air with a light sweet fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. I had never smelled agarita before but the only plants blooming in that pasture were the giant agarita bushes so they were the only suspects. I wonder if agarita jelly tastes as delicious as the bloom smells.


*** UPDATE***

Miss B is better after a long vet stay. We were preparing for the worst but she’s improving. She may have an infection that contributed to the colic. She’ll be coming home today, Tuesday, most likely. We’ll all be glad to see her home.

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