Spring Training

amywink March 14th, 2010

Finally, the weather is with us and the rains have been forecast for midweek days instead of the weekend. We are rewarded for our wet winter with masses of bright clover and the start of the wildflower bloom–which has been weak in the last 2 years of drought. For 3 weekends in a row, we’ve managed to drive one day at least and this weekend, the start of my Spring Break, will commence our spring training schedule.

After a long winter break, Will is a wee bit squirrelly and my hands are rusty. The combination isn’t pretty so my spring goal is more consistent work for both of us, starting this weekend with 2 days of driving. And we have a new cool gadget to help us! A Garmin 205 Edge GPS.


It’s certainly a handy little device and the accompanying software allows me to download the data to my computer and track our training. It shows a map of our path and graphs a variety of stats—speed, elevation, pace, etc, etc. Yesterday, Will and I traveled 4.91 km in our 45 minute drive–with two stop/stands and an attempt at backing (which went pretty well aside from a wee bit of head tossing). Our average speed was 6.5kmh (we walked most of our trip) and a highest speed of 14.9 kmh. Now, I have no ideas on how that compares to anything but I have the data!!

I have yet to enter the “user profile” because I’m not sure it will understand a 1000lb “rider” and a 350lb “bike”. Maybe I’ll try it today, for grins. I’d like to get an idea of how many calories Will is burning, after all, since he’s gained a little weight over his winter break!

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