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Valentine’s Day: First Drive of 2010

amywink February 16th, 2010

Actually, it was our first drive since the last weekend of November, 2009! The weather has been horrendous and rain, rain, rain has kept the fields muddy muddy muddy. We had a break this weekend. Saturday was nice and Sunday morning I decided that we had to drive, even if it was just down the caliche road. We had a window of good weather before the cold front was supposed to move in late Sunday afternoon so Lisa and I got busy and got to driving.

It was great to be back “behind the reins” and both horses were complete champs. Like we hadn’t missed a day of our regular driving schedule. Will was a little speedy in his trot but he responded well to my hands and never got too heady for his own good. He jumped a bit when the hens cackled as we drove by but again, came right back to me. It was another milestone, our first drive after a long lay off of 2 and a half months. I expected more fireworks and rodeo but we just had a nice calm drive and I think both of us really enjoyed it.

Here he is sporting his Christmas buckle-nose halter, a gift from his herd.


The buckle-nose worked great for harnessing and I really think it looks quite fashionable as well. I’m calling it his “dress halter”. He has gained a little weight in his time off and we had to let out his harness a tad in the false martingale and the girth but I’m sure we’ll work it off as we get back to business. He had plenty of energy and wasn’t breathing hard when we finished and he even looked pleased about the day.


It was also a very big day for Cookie who had her first Carriage Dog lesson. She’s quite the charmer and seems to enjoy the attention.


About 3:30 we noticed the skies darkening in the northwest as the front approached, the clouds rolled in quick and the front arrived with fierce winds that excited the horses. They dashed about their pasture wildly and Will seems to be thinking “Wheeeeeeeeeeeee”


By the time I got to the gate, the blue skies were gone and clouds were racing in on the cold air:


But all that mattered to me was the wonderful drive we’d finally squeezed in. I hope we can get back to our regular driving schedule as we approach the spring.