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Soggy Pastures

amywink December 20th, 2009

The ground is so saturated from the heavy rains this fall that after even just a light rain, the puddles just grow. We have standing water everywhere.


Windy offers her opinion of the pasture conditions, and I have to agree with her. . .



amywink December 20th, 2009

After looking at the photos I posted previously, I have to retract the descriptions in the earlier post. We think that the photo I *thought* was my grandmother is actually a family friend. And we think that the photos I thought were of my Dad are actually of his cousin Freddie. But my Dad does remember those horses, Shorty and Bob, and they did belong to my great-grandfather, Edwin Henry Wink.

But here’s a definite photo of my grandmother on horseback:


And for sheer entertainment, this is a shot of my grandfather yucking it up with a friend: