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Mud, mud, everywhere….

amywink December 13th, 2009

Over the last week, we’ve had more rain, drizzle, fog and chilly temperatures. What we thought was muddy before pales in comparison to the mud we have now, a slick, gooey, black clay that looks just about ready for the potter’s wheel!

Will is Not Happy.


Popeye is a little more relaxed about the whole thing, preferring to think of the experience as an opportunity for a fine facial:

So, there won’t be any driving any time soon. It looks like December may just be a little vacation for the horses.

Luckily, Lisa has other entertainment opportunities inside: puppies!!!!!!

Her Jack Russell “Biscuit” is the proud and weary mother of 4 of the most darling examples of puppyhood: Sopapilla, Sourdough, Strudel, and Cookie. So we spent the afternoon playing with puppies, which is a pretty good runner up to driving.

Be Not Afraid of Cuteness!!