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Dressage Notebook

amywink December 4th, 2009

Since Will and I are beginning to work more specifically on dressage, I have been thinking about creating a dressage notebook in which I can collect exercises we can try and something I can refer to while driving. This week, I picked up a nice binder and page protectors and today, I began creating.

Now. It’s really cold today.

We even had snow (34 flakes) and so I can’t drive.

And I don’t have a lot to do except think about this dressage notebook.

So what happens when a trained academic decides to really focus on creating a dressage notebook?

Behold the product of The Driving UberNerd*:

On the inside cover, I’ve listed the Six Elements of Dressage, then I have a Section for with each element:


Then, in each section, I have the exercises for that particular element:


And the sections are in the appropriate order:


I plan to put velcro strips on the binder cover so I can strap the notebook to the dash or seat. But I haven’t done that yet. :)

* In case you’re doubting my academic nerdiness, consider this: I know that the “U” here should have an umlaut over it. An umlaut is the two little dots over a letter indicating a specific pronunciation of a vowel in German. It’s not the same as the two little dots used in English (like over the e in Bronte) which is called diaeresis. Behold the Nerd.