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Old Friends

amywink November 7th, 2009


Will had a visit yesterday from his old friend, Galaxy. They were pastured together at Haven Hill for some time and he was thrilled to see her again. Galaxy is Mary’s Welsh Cob mare and also the first horse I ever drove when I took the Beginning Driver’s Clinic at Haven Hill back in May 2007. That was a lifetime of learning ago!

Mary brought Galaxy up from her place to get her used to the idea of driving with us. Galaxy was not all together sure that was a good idea but she was happy to see Will and there was much calling and chatting with each other. Will pranced up and down the fenceline while Mary walked her around to get her used to the dressage arena. We later ground drove her a bit before just letting her get the hang of the place in Windy’s stall while we drove Will–who was very good. We had a lovely relaxed drive and Will seemed to enjoy himself a great deal.

Will “Scarlet”

amywink November 2nd, 2009


I started shooting again with my 35mm film camera the past few weeks, after discovering I had some film and deciding the point-and-shoot digital didn’t care for the sunlight I wanted to capture and I kept hankering after my polarizing filter. While it may be very “20th century”, it still takes very very nice photographs and this one turned out especially lovely. It’s easy to see why Will Scarlet popped into my head when I was trying to name him.

A Certain Slant of Light

amywink November 1st, 2009

There’s a certain Slant of light,
Winter Afternoons –
That oppresses, like the Heft
Of Cathedral Tunes –

Emily Dickinson’s lines came to me yesterday. Though she writes of winter afternoons, the certain slant of our Texas light pierced the entire day as we left October to move into November, though still in autumn. The weather is lovely and clear, and the sun seems poised always south, angled rays casting long shadows, even at midday. The tall grasses catch the light and their seed heads spark like frost.

It’s a beautiful kind of light, making the horses glint and glimmer on one side, and dark silhouette on the other. But it’s a hard light to move toward, like a stiff wind, a blinking-sharp and uncompromising glare. So I thought of Emily Dickinson’s winter afternoons yesterday, while driving Will in the early morning.

We had a somewhat chilly drive since our morning started out in the mid-40’s, but the day warmed to 70+ and the sun stayed to the south. I watched Will’s shadow along the road, to check his headset and frame. . . and because it was beautiful.

I’d wished for a camera to catch the image there. There’s a difficult challenge to a photographer who drives–both hands are completely occupied!–but at least as a writer, I can put my brain to work in other ways and try to capture that moving shadow with words.


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