Water, water, everywhere . . . .

amywink November 23rd, 2009

. . . but no signs of albatross. Thank heavens!

We had another rain event this week and Lisa’s place had over two inches in 24 hours. I think this makes a total of rain since October somewhere in the range of 14 inches. It has made a wonderful difference from when we first arrived in mid August, mid-extreme drought. Here are a few photos of the large stock pond for comparison.

Mid August, the pond looked like this:


Mid-October, the pond looked like this:

This Saturday, November 21, the pond looked like this:img_4765.jpgimg_4764.jpg

The pond is covered with some kind of water plant, floating tiny lobed leaves, like tiny shamrocks:

And the down in the back pastures, past the pond, the long-dry streams are running:


We did not drive this weekend. Saturday’s promised sunshine never appeared and the two inches of overnight rain left standing water everywhere. Sunday, the sun didn’t come out until mid morning and the mud was too thick to try for a drive. Will’s feet look liked he was wearing boots:


And so for Thanksgiving, we are all grateful for rain and water, water, everywhere, and the end of a long, long drought.

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  1. Stevenon 23 Nov 2009 at 10:27 am

    Amen! Amazing how quickly the signs of a drought can disappear. Let’s hope it keeps up!

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