Naughty Horses

amywink October 30th, 2009

So, I went down to see the horses today and as I drove up toward the gate, I noticed some lovely horses in the neighbors’ field. . .

some lovely bay horses. . .

and a handsome chestnut horse. . . .

and a chunky black pony. . . .

and an electric tape fence in the background, aswag like festive holiday garland.

Naughty horses!!!

Of course, Taipan and Rufus were waiting up front (did you see what the horses did???) and as soon as I opened the car door, I had two happy passengers for the drive up to the barns. A quick call to Lisa and help (Lupe) was on the way, and blame laid at squarely Windy’s feet. Of course, she pretended that she had no idea how she and the other horses got over there!

Luckily, by the time I had closed the gates for the “holding pen” pastures, and headed back down to round up who I could, Miss B had decided to come get a drink and Will was following through the opening Someone had made. Then they heard Lupe’s truck and decided it was Dinner Time!! So we managed to move them to a more secure location with little difficulty. Whew.

Will got some grooming time after, since he had decided that a mudmask was a good idea….a full body mudmask. . . . At least he’s now clean enough to drive tomorrow, as long as he doesn’t find another mudpit to try in the new pasture. After grooming, he went out with his fellow escape artists and enjoyed the new pasture. And some time in front of the camera.


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