Plum Creek Swap Drive

amywink October 19th, 2009

Saturday was the Swap Drive at Agarita Ranch, home of the Plum Creek Carriage Society. The weather was marvelous, crisp and clear in the morning, warming to a pleasant mid 70’s by afternoon. Everyone had the opportunity to practice dressage test, cones, and a mini marathon with 3 obstacles. Out on the Dressage field, everyone practiced their classical moves:

After dressage came the Cones course, designed by Barbara Siebenhausen, contained a serpentine (Gate 13) and several challenging “W” gates, like 4 and 5 here.
And there was a very stern judge watching the entire proceedings: img_4298.jpg
No breaking any rules on this course!

A couple of young drivers burned up the course with their minis: img_4322.jpgimg_4330.jpg

And then the grownups had their chance:

After that challenging course, drivers headed out onto the marathon trails and the obstacles: img_4413.jpg

The trails wound around the “upper” part of Agarita Ranch before heading down “into the woods”: img_4447.jpg

Al Bulgawicz of Willow Crest Miniature Horses took his four-in-hand toward the no-water hazard,
into the depths,img_4468.jpg

and out again img_4469.jpg

And more arrived shortly there after: img_4475.jpgimg_4485.jpg

The weather was gorgeous and the day spectacular. All of which boded well for my next adventure–Will’s First Day Out at Agarita Ranch!!

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