Test Drive

amywink October 7th, 2009

Today, I took a test drive of Sweetie, my friend Anna’s donkey. We’re preparing to participate in the LongEars Playday at Haven Hill this coming weekend. Anna will be driving her new Missouri Mule, Miss Millicent (Millie for casual wear). Sweetie is a charming standard donkey who I have only driven once before so we did want to practice before the Big Event.

img_4070.jpg img_4073.jpg

She’s quite different to drive than my Corvette Morgan but very pleasant in her own way. I can see just moseying down the road with her at a nice slow walk or a pleasant jog. I enjoyed my test drive quite a bit and came away with a big grin for our efforts. I’m looking forward seeing how we do over the weekend and I am looking forward to meeting Miss Millie for the first time!

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