Another Rainy Day

amywink October 3rd, 2009

So, I planned to get down to see Will this morning but as I checked the radar around 8:30, rain was heading toward us and it hasn’t stopped all day. We’ve had almost an inch of slow, steady rain. I know we need it but I’d like to drive soon!

So anyway. Plan B: Put together the dash assembly.


It’s not quite finished because I have to paint some bolt heads (carefully because I am not undoing this!) and place the rein rail on (after it’s completely on the cart). I also need to attach the swingletree straps. I wrapped the swingletree with the same marine vinyl I used on the seats and I’m pleased. For the straps, I’m going to use some material from a set of synthetic reins I don’t use. The stabilizer bar will attach to the crossbar in the front–you can see the bolt holes in front.

As I stapled the vinyl to the swingletree, it dawned on me that I probably needed to do the shaft trim before I get the cart entirely put together–otherwise, I’ll be flipping the cart to staple the vinyl on, or stapling upside down!!

During all this assembly, I keep thinking of my favorite episode of M*A*S*H, when Hawkeye and Trapper have to defuse a bomb while Henry Blake yells the instructions to them from a safe distance. After he shouts the instructions to cut one of the fuse wires, and the pair does, he shouts out the all important “but first. . . . ” Hopefully, I won’t come to some part of this cart and think “but first….” after something is completely finished!

But, I am pleased with getting this section put together. The next large section to put together is the floor!

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