Swap Drive Work Day

amywink September 27th, 2009

Yesterday, when summer began to reappear, Lisa and I headed down to Agarita Ranch for the Swap Drive Work Day–to prepare the place for the upcoming Swap Drive, October 17. The recent rains had really greened the place right up….and muddied it up as well. We spent our morning clipping mean, thorny things like what I think was Texas Buckthorn out of the arena and warmup area. There were several other thorny things too but no actual Agarita in the dressage field. Whew!!

We also marked off the main dressage arena into a 20×40 and 30×60 arenas for the training and intermediate area minis. The soft dirt made it easy for hammering in the stakes but I do hope the mini folks enjoy our work!

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