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Family Drive

amywink September 19th, 2009


Today, we all went for a drive. Mom finally got her first carriage ride and Dad enjoyed his second. Will thought it was a real workout after taking 2 weeks for rain delay.

But he was excellent. He stood for a long time, very very quietly, almost asleep, as we waited for Lisa and Windy to get ready, then he started off quietly, walked quietly, responded quietly. I could not have been more pleased with him. We had a nice walk about the pasture and down the road. He got used to the extra weight pretty fast and did very well, even trotting some down the side of the road–in the grass, not the stones. We had a nice trip around the yard and house as well and ended the drive standing nicely, waiting for his passengers to get slowly off the carriage. What a good boy he was today. I have worked hard to get us this point, to be able to share the driving experience with my parents and have them enjoy driving as much as I do. I think we accomplished quite a bit today.

And I think reading and understanding Andy Marcoux’s article made a big difference today as we drove. I felt more confident, had better communication with Will (no arguments!) and we turned well and managed to drive straight after turns. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow, when I drive sans passengers!

But here he is looking gorgeous after the drive. I was very proud of him today.