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Wednesday’s Meditation

amywink September 2nd, 2009

Wednesdays are quiet days for me and Will. It’s between my teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays so I try to take it easy and relax with him. The early mornings at Taipan Station are quiet and the dogs are happy to see me arrive, as clearly I am arriving to visit them and take them on a walk through the pastures.

Today, part of the pack was waiting at the gate and thought they should get a ride back to the house. Rufus worked this idea to his advantage, looking at me, looking at the car, looking at me, so I might just get the right idea. Hint Hint. So, today, I had two happy passengers back to the house. Call me a sucker.


And of course, since I was there for the dogs, we had to go on our walk around the pasture. What other possible reason could there be for me to be visiting?

These walks amuse me partly because I read Jon Katz’s blog and see his dogs heading off down their upstate New York paths, and it’s the same image I have before be with the mixed breed pack, heading down their central Texas trails, like a dog trope of daily adventure– the cliche snapshot in every dog’s mental photo album.


The dogs are so eager for the walk and fan out into the trees pretty swiftly, though they always circle back to check my progress. The oldest dog of the back follows slowly behind and occasionally barks to let me know he’s still coming. I wait–he’s old. The Labrador brings twigs, sticks, and logs, hoping for a good fetch. The youngest dog races ahead and disappears with his shaggy companion, or wrestles with Rufus. And when we make it back and I get the halter for Will, all the dogs mill around, surprised “Oh, you’re here for the horse….oh.” But, every time, they’re sure I’m there for them. Dogs.