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A Different Herd

amywink August 20th, 2009

I arrived at Taipan-station early on Wednesday and since I had seen a roadrunner previously, I got my camera ready, in case I saw him again. Instead, I saw deer in the morning light, framed by trees and grass.



Prince Charming

amywink August 19th, 2009

I let Will spend Monday making friends without any human interference. By Tuesday morning, he had charmed Miss B enough to be hanging out with her in the woods and sharing what was left of the round bale.


He also seemed to enjoy his new woods though he was happy enough to see me in the morning.


New Buddies

amywink August 18th, 2009

This week, Will got to meet his new Morgan herd after spending the night with his new friend, Popeye.


Sunday he was introduced to Windy, who thought he was Very Cute.


Will was not entirely sure she was being nice so he walked around a bit nervously for a while until he decided she might actually be nice.


He also met the Morgans’ pony, Miss B. He thought she was grand. She thought he was a creep and needed stomping. So naturally he pestered her all afternoon, getting really close and practically saying “but I’m not touching you.” No photos of that excitement!

Popeye ignored everyone, clearly thinking, “Dude, there’s hay here.”

First Drive

amywink August 16th, 2009

Today we hitched for our first drive at our new home. Will has had a couple of days to settle in, check out the pasture, and made new friends. So, this morning, when the skies were still cloudy and the breeze still cool, we hitched to Lisa’s Mill Run carriage for our first outing.


He stood like a trooper for harnessing! What a nice quiet cart horse he can be!!

Then we drove out into the pastures.

He was great. We tried out several of the pastures and went down the road as well. He got to see a moderately scary butane tank and a potentially scary stone gate. But he listened well and went on past the scary objects without much ado.

Browner Pastures

amywink August 15th, 2009


Despite the drought, Will enjoyed his new pasture today with his new canine buddy.

He also has a new BFF.


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