Post-Massage Drive

amywink August 30th, 2009

Today we had our “light drive” after Will’s massage and the difference was remarkable. Will was completely relaxed and calm, moving easily in our warm-up exercises. He was very responsive to the bit, stopping with ease, bending right and left. He also moved very straight as we worked in the dressage field. I was very pleased with the difference and could tell that Will was much more comfortable in his movements. I will certainly be doing the massage for him again as soon as I can.

We also had a passenger today. My dad came along for his first carriage drive and had a wonderful time. Will was splendid and gave him a great experience. No photos though because I was driving and Lisa was driving Windy, who also benefited greatly from her massage and looked like a totally different horse. We had a great drive as the temperatures hinted at fall, with low 70’s in the early morning and mid 80’s by noon.

Amazing. Break out the sweaters, folks!

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