Will Gets a Massage

amywink August 29th, 2009

Will has always had some tightness while moving clockwise on the long reins and lunge line. After working all summer to lighten my own heavier right hand and to get Will to bend and give to the bit, I decided he might benefit from a massage. Lisa also wanted Windy to have a massage since she was returning to work after a long hiatus. After some research, I contacted Jerry Hess, of Texas Equine Massage, and former Morgan owner for our initial massage.

Though Will wasn’t exactly sure at first, he soon relaxed into the experience. Jerry started at his chest and neck:


Then moved to his back, which was very tight:

But Will thought it was beginning to feel gooood:


In fact, it felt so good, Will had something to say about it:


Then Jerry worked his hind end:


By the time Jerry started down Will’s right side, Will was a goner:



When he was finished with the massage and stretching after, Will spent some time standing relaxed.


Most remarkably, Will looked longer and wider after his massage. His back had broadened, with his spine settling into down and his hips widened and relaxed. I’m not sure it shows well in the photographs but Lisa and I both noticed a significant difference. We’ll have to wait and see if it changes how he drives but for now, he looks totally comfortable in his body. Tomorrow, we’ll do a very light drive to see how he responds in his work.

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