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Friday’s Drive

amywink August 28th, 2009

To celebrate the first week of school, I planned a nice Friday drive with Will, hoping to set the new schedule in his head a bit. Mary came up to drive with me and we enjoyed the cool breezes that we’ve been so long without this summer.

My goal with Will is some different work each time so he doesn’t learn a routine and get bored. To that end, today we started off in the dressage arena, warming up to get his head in the game, and then we drove around the yard and barns and back through the dressage arena and out to the pastures. He became very responsive after about a minute of fussiness and settled into a good working walk.

We ventured into a new pasture today, one with nice trees for obstacles and little hills and dips. He seemed to enjoy the difference in terrain and paid close attention to my directions. After that, we headed back toward the barn but I didn’t want him to think we were done yet, so we didn’t stop but circled the yard and headed down the drive again. He remained calm and responsive but got a little nervous as we approached the gate at the road. He did manage to pay attention and we executed a nice turn and poop at the same time! I gave us a 10 for that maneuver, though I am not sure that’s really move you’d want to see in the dressage ring!!

After the drive, which lasted a bit over an hour, I took Will back to find his buddies and he headed off like a racehorse to find the “lost” herd. Wish I had a video of him heading down the hill, head up, tail flying. We followed him down and found everyone happy together.