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Back to Work

amywink August 23rd, 2009

This week, it’s back to work for Will and I. I’m back in the classroom starting Tuesday when my classes begin at ACC. But today, Will was back in front of a carriage after a week adjusting to life in his new horse heaven. After a half day excursion yesterday to the Brazos Valley Riding and Driving Society’s Equestrian Market at the Brazos County Exposition Center, Lisa and I picked up Mary’s Coyaltix carriage from Haven Hill and brought it back over for me to use (Thank you, Mary, for letting me borrow it!!)

Today, Lisa, of course, generously squeezed us into her busy schedule of deworming buffalo and the Plum Creek Organizational Meeting at Agarita Ranch this morning so we could get a drive in this week. And it’s clear Will needed it! He did pretty well but decided he could squirrel around a bit at first. I have to admit I was also probably in need of the drive as I think my hands were off a bit at the beginning. We stayed in the dressage arena and worked on corners and turns a bit and then we headed out for a walk around the pasture. Lisa got some good shots of the drive.