Blissed out

amywink August 21st, 2009

Will and I spent our first week learning a new routine of seeing each other more regularly. Over the course of the week, he has become more and more relaxed and is settling in nicely. He’s had a special pen set up so he can eat his breakfast and dinner without any extra help from his buddies and this seemed to make a big different right away. I have no idea if horses remember being hungry and losing food to others, but it might be that Will does—it may have made him both a bully and a target. Certainly, it made him a bit uptight. Now he’s assured of not losing his grain to anyone else and that seems to be working out well for him. He’s extremely happy with the round bale too!


I’ve taken it easy this week too, just taking the time to relax with him and give him some attention. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with him, not having to rush or be on a schedule. It seems to have made a difference for both of us. He certainly seems to feel the universe has finally righted itself, returning to its only natural orbit around him.

Next week, it’s back to work, teaching and driving, as I start the fall semester and I hope to get a regular driving routine started as well. I also hope, once the weather cools, to get back to writing and to start work on this next project. These quiet days with Will have fostered the growth of a few ideas and I’m ready to see which ones take off. He’s a good writing partner, this horse. I’m glad he’s close again.

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