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Browner Pastures

amywink August 15th, 2009


Despite the drought, Will enjoyed his new pasture today with his new canine buddy.

He also has a new BFF.


Moving Day

amywink August 15th, 2009

I don’t usually make swift decisions. I make long, agonized, methodical ones, weighing options and outcomes to the nth degree.

Almost as if I was a trained academic.

Go figure.

However, two weekends ago, I decided in less than 24 hours to make a great change and to make it swiftly. I decided to move my horse, Will, closer so I could drive more. After a marvelous year at Haven Hill, taking lessons and working there 2 or 3 days a week this summer, I was facing a new academic year, with less time to make the 250 mile drive.

My options: 1. Have someone else drive Will; or 2. Move Will closer.

Economics aside, I didn’t think having someone else drive my horse would make me a better driver and I did not want to see less of my pony. The right choice could only be to move him closer.

I’d have likely dawdled about for a month or two but the universe had other ideas.

With the help of some fabulous people, I moved Will Wednesday, August 12. Just 10 days after I made my decision.

So, this week, we started our new life together at Taipan-Station–a farm named for a dog named for a book.

I wonder if we’ll fit in. :)