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A New Year

amywink January 6th, 2009

It’s a New Year of Change and I am trying to change my approach to this blog–from ignoring it completely to actually writing! After more than a year away from the page, I think I am ready to begin writing again with a new focus and new interests. I’ve been reading Jon Katz’s blog at recently, enjoying his photography as well as his efforts to change the “meme” for the year by undermining media efforts toward Despair and Hardship. I’m with him on that because I have recently found myself focusing much more on the positive aspects of change and the new focus I myself in my writing life.

My edition of the Embree Diaries will be published in April 2009 (at least according to the current schedule) and I am unbelievably happy about that. The idea of that project has been with me for a long time so I am ready to share the lives I have been with so long. I hope for compassionate and interested readers and wonder if others will find the connection I feel with Henrietta and Tennessee. With the publication comes a conclusion of one kind of project and a transition to another. I am working now on the companion website, This site has taken on a life of its own and is a place where I intend to explore what I could not fit in my book. I also hope readers will find it a place to explore the idea of diaries and diary keeping as well as gain new understanding of the Embree family.

I am moving in my writing in new directions as well and a new book project is forming slowly. And that is the project I hope to explore in this blog in the coming year. Stay tuned.